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Oculus Rift DK2 App Development India
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Golden Globe Technologies is one the leading organizations working on Virtual reality Oculus rift app development in India. We develop app for Oculus rift, Google cardboard, HTC vive, Sony Morpheus and Third eye. Our team works on latest graphic technologies and high end machines to deliver best in its class. Here we integrate latest rendering techniques and gaming attributes to deliver best on time deliveries.

                                      Our testing team and oculus app development team work hand in hand to match industries quality with commitments. We always ready to integrate latest technologies with oculus rift functionalities like leap motion, xbox 360 controller, car simulation, flight simulation etc. We work on latest game engine like Unity, UDK , Cryengine to match rendering and functionalities. We also organize different events like Medical event, Educational events, Learning events, Automobile events etc.
All spheres of clients love and share our work internationally.

     Go Here our R&D team find different prospects with oculus rift. We are keeping eagle eye on upcoming latest version of oculus rift CV1. Oculus rift and Golden Globe Technologies Planning joint venture in Q1 2016. Golden Globe Technologies , firmly believes that days are not far when Virtual Reality Technology not only adopted by respective industry and sectors whether gaming, business, space, medical science or research but common man too will be using the technology in their daily routines…

       For us virtual reality is core of gaming, science, medical and entertainment. We will surely with you take it to next step.Click here to view Video.