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The Golden Globe technologies GIS Training Program is multi-faceted approach to providing tailored  training  options  to meet the learning needs of GIS users and professionals. We offer a broad mix of learning opportunities, which includes Esri-authorized classes growing catalog  of  GIS  Training  Express classes. This course teaches how to deliver geographic information  so that it can be effectively used by colleagues, decision-makers, and non-GIS audiences.  You will  learn  how to  share your professional maps, data, and workflows by creating,  and publishing high-performing GIS services that can be accessed via   desktop computers, web browsers, and mobile devices.

Learn How To:
* Author tand publish map services to share your authoritative GIS data.
* Create and publish image services to provide fast access to imagery.
* Design and build a map cache to maximize map service performance.
* Publish a geoprocessing service to share your GIS models and analysis results.
* Publish a feature service to enable data editing in a web application.
* Share GIS resources as stand-alone services and in web maps and web-mapping   applications.

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