Our Profile
           Golden Globe is a young enterprise, leading provider  of  next-generation  geospatial  services ,  3D- projection mapping ,   Virtual tour and other enterprise IT solutions. We specializes in the generation , manipulation , management , and maintenance of data for G.I.S, D.S.S and other information management systems, and offers the full range of services necessary for successful geospatial data implementation , which help to built decision support system.

Our geospatial technical experts  develop  and  groom  client  needs  to  the  level of complete satisfaction. Our experts have hand full of experience on navigation 3D mapping, parcel mapping ,image interpretation projects.

We believe that geography & GIS is at the heart of a more resilient and sustainable future.Governments, industry leaders, academics trust us to connect them with the analytic knowledge they need to make these critical decisions that shape the planet.

Specialize in delivering you a high quality of service with the with 100% Satisfaction.Golden Globe fullfill all the Customer needs at the optomization Cost. Our Products and Services meets all the Clients Needs.